Oral Histories

interviewThe San Anselmo Historical Commission Oral History Project began in 1977. Since then, memories of San Anselmo residents have been preserved on audio and video tapes. Transcription work continues, and we welcome volunteers to help us make these valuable resources more readily available to the public, and suitable for posting on our website.

The Carla Ehat Oral History Program for the Anne T. Kent California Room at the Marin County Civic Center Library has oral histories of several San Anselmo residents, including Marius Cordone, James Leach, Irma Leonhart Litz, Donald C. Perry, and George Tong.

Interviews published in Vol. 1 No. 1 of the Golden Hindesight in 1975, a magazine project designed by San Anselmo teacher Bernie Griff with his students in the 6th grade class at Wade Thomas, have been published online. Interviews with San Anselmo residents Ambrose Ferrario, Roy Farrington Jones, Dick Kientz, Ethel Bouick Landon, James C. Leach, and Donald C. Perry are available.

Oral Histories Currently Available at the Museum

Valerie Ansel. San Anselmo teacher and principal. (audio)

Kenneth Ball (1910 -2003) (video)

William and Jean Barnes (audio)

Mel Bridges, The Barber. (video)

Frank Camenisch (audio)

Mel Colombo (audio)

Mrs. Jessie Carey. “Early Memories of San Anselmo.” (audio)

Arthur Ferrero (audio)

“Talk of the Town”, a 1995 interview with businessman and former mayor, William Franchini (1913-2004). An audio tape of the interview is also available.

William Franchini (1913-2004 ). 1996 video interview.

William Franchini. “Reminiscences of San Anselmo and Commuting to School”. (audio)

Abe Froman (video)

Renee Hayes (audio)

Roy Farrington Jones (video)

Mozart Kaufman (video)

Charlie Kelly (audio)

Dick Kientz and Alice Capurro Kientz (video)

Dick Kientz (audio)

Russ & Audrey Labelle (audio)

Warren and Ethel Landon “Reminiscences of Early Marin” (audio)

Chuck Lavaroni (video)

James Leach (1887-1979). “Reminiscences of San Anselmo, 1906-1978.” (audio)

Leona Lepage. (audio)

Albert Locati (1911- ). Memories of San Anselmo. (audio)

Erna (Frankie) Longfellow (video)

Ernest Mailliard. “Reminiscences of the Minthorne Tompkins Family.” (audio)

Marty Marcucci. (audio)

Mrs. Sylvia Biggio Paille. “Memories of San Anselmo.” (audio)

Frances Parks (audio)

Vickie Pedroli (audio)

Warren Perry (video)

Barbara Dillon Reilly (audio)

Edmond Rossi. “Reminiscences of Rossi’s Hotel and Other San Anselmo Locations.” (audio)

Wilbur Franklin Russell (video)

Sister Camilla of the Sisters of the Holy Family. (audio)

Sister Alice Carlene of the Sisters of Loretto at St. Anselms School (audio)

Sister Helen Saunders of the Sisters of Loretto at St. Anselms School (audio)

Carl Shapiro (audio), audio clip, Interview Highlights

Jim Thornton and Ruth Ann (McLaren) Thornton (video)

Maria Torresan (audio)

Bill Wessell. “Reminiscences of the Wessell Family and San Anselmo History.” (audio)

“Reminiscences of the San Anselmo Fire Department as told by Robert Beedle, William Sousa, and Richard McLaren” (video)

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