Fleur de Lys Restaurant Menu

menu2The Fleur de Lys restaurant was originally established in San Anselmo in January 1956 by Robert Charles [Lebugle]and his wife Cherie. Their first restaurant, located at 562 San Anselmo Avenue across the street from Jean’s Bit O’Bohemia Lounge, was called  “fleur-de-lys Restaurant Miniature” as it only had seven or eight tables. In 1957, Robert and Cherie closed the San Anselmo restaurant and opened another Fleur de Lys in San Francisco at 777 Sutter Street. Then in 1959 they reopened the San Anselmo restaurant at 112 Spaulding Street, overlooking the Hub with a view of San Francisco Theological Seminary and Mt. Tamalpais. The restaurant could seat about 50 people. This menu from around 1960 lists Medallions of Beef with Béarnaise sauce for $4.50 and broiled lamb chops for $4.25. The most expensive wine on the list was a 1957 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild for $16!

The San Anselmo restaurant closed in 1963, and the San Francisco one was sold in 1970. The world-renown Fleur de Lys on Sutter Street continued on under the stewardship of Chef Hubert Keller; it closed in 2014.


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Fleur de Lys Interior at 562 San Anselmo Avenue

Fleur de Lys Interior at 562 San Anselmo Avenue, Jim Staley Postcard Collection

Fleur de Lys Interior at 112 Spaulding

Fleur de Lys Interior at 112 Spaulding, Jim Staley Postcard Collection

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