United Nations Flag

UN FlagIn a controversial decision (3-2 vote), the San Anselmo City Council adopted resolution No. 1339, Proclamation of Mundialization of the City of San Anselmo, on April 27, 1971.  The proclamation resolved that the Council recognized the right of citizens to extend their responsibilities of citizenship beyond national boundaries, and to demonstrate this declared San Anselmo a “World City” (i.e. mundialized) and ordered the United Nations flag to be flown at City Hall at all times.

San Anselmo was the first community in California to mundialize;  four other California cities followed, including Los Angeles. Among California institutions to mundialize was the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Citizens opposing the action of Council saw mundialization as a subversive act. One of the most vocal opponents was Susan Tennler of Greenbrae, lieutenant governor of the ultra-conservative United Republicans of California.

RaisingUN Flag

Fire Chief Frank Sousa raising the flags, May 11, 1971

In the Historical Museum’s collection is a 3’x 5′ United Nations flag that was first flown at Town Hall after the Council’s action. It was flown on the same pole as the American flag, and opponents quickly pointed out that UN flag protocol required that the flag be flown on a separate flagpole and that it be of comparable size to the others on display. The flag was soon removed. According to former Public Works Director Charles R. “Bob” Leitzell, who donated the flag, a number of residents chipped in for a second flagpole, and a larger flag was purchased.

A UN flag flew in San Anselmo until sometime after the 2005 flood when the faded and tattered one was removed and not replaced.

UN Flag flying on the right , 1978

UN flag flying on the right on a separate pole, 1978




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