Spotlight on the Collection

In addition to a rich collection of photographic images of San Anselmo, the Historical Museum has a smaller collection of interesting artifacts which are not often on display due to our limited space. Discover some of these hidden treasures and recent acquisitions in this Spotlight on the Collection.

Leonhart’s Level

An eBay listing and subsequent purchase for the Historical Museum’s collection led to an interesting bit of San Anselmo’s history. The rare item is a small level, marked “Leonhart’s Level,” with the patent date of February 27, 1906. The United States Patent Office records identify the patent holder as Rudolph…

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Nick’s Dairy Milk Bottle

This quart milk bottle from Nick’s Dairy was a purchase on eBay for the Historical Museum’s collection. Dairyman Nicholas Sorich was born in 1892 in what was then Austria and today is Croatia. He and his wife Genevieve were the operators of Nick’s Dairy in San Anselmo at the end…

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United Nations Flag

UN Flag

In a controversial decision (3-2 vote), the San Anselmo City Council adopted resolution No. 1339, Proclamation of Mundialization of the City of San Anselmo, on April 27, 1971.  The proclamation resolved that the Council recognized the right of citizens to extend their responsibilities of citizenship beyond national boundaries, and to demonstrate…

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Goldsmith Catcher’s Mitt

Goldsmith Catcher's Mitt

This catcher’s mitt belonged to George Anselm Sousa (1913-1995). George played catcher for the San Anselmo Merchants, the local semi-pro team which was organized in 1934. The buckle back mitt is a Goldsmith FingerGrip, Model WC, with a Bill Killefer endorsement. Goldsmith produced these mitts from about 1924 to the…

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Fleur de Lys Restaurant Menu

The Fleur de Lys restaurant was originally established in San Anselmo in January 1956 by Robert Charles [Lebugle]and his wife Cherie. Their first restaurant, located at 562 San Anselmo Avenue across the street from Jean’s Bit O’Bohemia Lounge, was called  “fleur-de-lys Restaurant Miniature” as it only had seven or eight tables. In 1957, Robert…

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Valentines for the Teacher

These valentines are part of a collection that San Anselmo students at Main School (now Wade Thomas) gave to teacher Miss Mabel Bouick between 1910 and 1916. They are classically Victorian in style with images of cherubs, flowers and lace. Several in the collection have accordion-folded paper springs to create depth and…

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Sausage Stuffer

The butchers at the Home Market used this sausage stuffer at their meat counter. Home Market operated at 407 San Anselmo Avenue from 1925 to 1972. Gabriel Franchini and his partner Leon Galatoire constructed the building that housed the market. The John Wagner Model #3 Sausage Stuffer is made of…

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Record Cleaner

This record duster/cleaner, with a photograph of Bing Crosby,  is an advertising piece for Decca Records and Hoy’s Radio & Music located at 312 Sir Francis Drake. It was manufactured in the 1940s by the Philadelphia Badge Company. It is 3-1/2 inches in diameter (palm-size) with a soft fabric bottom…

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